All you need to know about Biagio Lazaric and His Girlfriend Kyla Yesenosky (2024)

Biagio Lazaric, known as an internet sensation thanks to his viral prank videos, is currently dating Kyla Yesenosky; an accomplished TikTok star and social media influencer.

Kyla boasts over 198,000 followers on Instagram and is the face of multiple fashion brands. Additionally, she often appears in videos featuring her partner.

AspectBiagio LazaricKyla Yesenosky
Internet PresenceKnown for viral prank videos on YouTube and TikTokAccomplished TikTok star and social media influencer
Social Media FollowersOver 1 million YouTube subscribersOver 198,000 Instagram followers
Relationship StatusCurrently dating Kyla YesenoskyIn a relationship with Biagio Lazaric
Kyla’s Modeling WorkRepresents multiple fashion brandsServes as a brand ambassador for BOUTINE
Age20 years oldBorn on October 18, 1999
YouTube SubscribersOver 190k subscribers on self-titled channelOver 5 million subscribers on her self-titled channel
Notable VideosCollaborates with Kyla on reaction and prank videosFeatured in Biagio’s viral prank videos
HeightIncredibly tall, known for good looksElegance and dignity, associated with BOUTINE
BirthplaceYardley, Pennsylvania, United StatesUnited States
Zodiac SignAquariusNot provided
Net WorthPrimary source of income from YouTube, also sponsorships, commissions, product sales, speaking gigsNot provided
Unique FeaturesInnovative use of trick motion pictures on YouTube and TikTokKnown for TikTok and YouTube lip sync and dance videos
Notable Prank VideoPringles stunt that went viralPrank video with over 12.7 million views

Biagio Lazaric and Kyla Yesenosky

Biagio Lazaric, best known for his popular YouTube and TikTok channels with over one million followers, is well-known for his innovative use of trick motion pictures on both platforms. Additionally, his girlfriend Kyla Yesenosky has amassed many followers as an Instagram model who represents various fashion brands as their face.

This couple has been together for an extended period and are often seen at various events together. They are very open about their relationship and often post photos together on social media to show it off.

She exudes elegance and dignity, boasting many followers on her Instagram account and being associated with the BOUTINE brand. American by birth and having a Caucasian white background.

Kyla Yesenosky was born in the United States on October 18, 1999. She is an American vlogger, TikTok star, and social media influencer primarily making a living from social media and modeling work. Additionally, she belongs to YouTube’s community with over 5 million subscribers on her self-titled channel while being the face of various fashion brands.


Biagio Lazaric, 20, boasts an active YouTube channel with over 190k subscribers on his own self-titled account and regularly uploads reaction and prank videos with Kyla, his girlfriend. They love playing pranks on each other! Kyla herself has over half a million followers between TikTok and YouTube where she uploads lip sync and dance move videos; has an active Instagram page; and serves as brand ambassador for clothing brand BOUTINE Los Angeles.

She currently boasts over 2.4 million likes on YouTube and has been featured in multiple of Biagio’s prank videos – one being his recent Pringles stunt, which went viral.

Prank video depicting her reaction after thinking Biagio flirts with another girl at the gym has amassed over 12.7 million views so far and her screaming and running upstairs can be seen below. Watch below.


Biagio Lazaric is an immensely popular YouTuber who has amassed an enormous following. Born and residing in Yardley, Pennsylvania he currently relies heavily on YouTube as his source of income; with 624k subscribers across his self-titled channel alone and featuring reacting and prank videos. Furthermore, he can be found on Tiktok and Instagram too!

He is well-known for his good looks, charming smile, and fashion sense. With an immense fan base extending even to Instagram posts and recordings on this platform, his star power and high profile continue to draw crowds of followers who seek entertainment through him. As one of the leading forces within virtual entertainment business he continues to inspire millions through innovative ideas and quality content production.

He was born February 10, 1999 in Yardley, Pennsylvania and began his YouTube channel in June 2012. Since then he has become widely popular for his vlogs, challenges and pranks on the platform. Aquarius by birth sign, with Uranus as his ruling planet.


Biagio Lazaric, best known as Biagio Lazaric on YouTube, has attained enormous fame through his self-titled channel and its variety of extreme challenges and pranks, reactions, and personal entries. Born 10 February 1999 in Yardley United States.

Biagio is an extremely handsome man with an amazing personality. He has become immensely popular among girls due to his cute smile, impeccable style and appealing persona; they find him irresistibly attractive. Biagio boasts an enormous fan base thanks to eye-catching photos and recordings featuring him.

Lazaric stands incredibly tall, and appears quite confident in his videos. He is known to share his experiences with followers via YouTube videos and is also an accomplished cook; his cooking abilities can only be described as remarkable.

TikTok and Instagram are also platforms he is active on, where he regularly shares reaction and prank videos featuring Kyla, his girlfriend. On each of these platforms he has amassed millions of followers; often seen together in videos they seem extremely content together.

Net Worth

Biagio Lazaric, an American YouTuber and social media influencer with over 951k subscribers to his self-titled channel on YouTube, is known for incorporating innovative and thought-provoking ideas in his videos.

His primary source of income comes from YouTube; however, he also makes money from sponsorships, affiliate commissions, product sales and speaking gigs.

Additionally, the YouTuber has an incredible sense of humor which has earned him great popularity with fans. Furthermore, he takes his work very seriously while remaining an amazing friend to everyone around him.

The social media influencer is currently dating Kyla Yesenosky, who is well-known on both TikTok and YouTube. Together they have collaborated on multiple videos and both channels boast massive fan bases; both channels specialize in making their fans laugh out loud through prank videos with clever yet entertaining games – they share an incredibly close bond that they frequently feature each other in videos together on YouTube.

All you need to know about Biagio Lazaric and His Girlfriend Kyla Yesenosky (2024)


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