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EcoWater of Central Florida was founded in 1966 as a water treatment company offering reverse osmosis water filters and the best commercial and residential water treatment products for decades in the Winter Haven area. We’ll give you a free water analysis and figure out the ideal water treatment system for your business. We carry commercial water softeners, filters, and RO systems from EcoWater and Hellenbrand, and have everything from high quality affordable options to the highest tech items that can connect via wifi. Give us a call for a free consultation today.

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About Winter Haven FL:
Winter Haven, Florida, is known for its beautiful lakes and family-friendly attractions. Located nearby, this historic landmark features beautiful gardens, a singing tower with carillon bells, walking trails, and seasonal events. A community theater that offers a variety of live performances, including plays, musicals, and special events throughout the year. A charming area with shops, restaurants, and historic buildings, offering a pleasant atmosphere for walking, dining, and exploring local businesses. The area often hosts events, markets, and festivals. These attractions provide a mix of entertainment, culture, and natural beauty, making Winter Haven a delightful destination for visitors and residents alike.

Start From Tampa International Airport 4100 George J Bean Pkwy, Tampa, FL 33607, United States Get on State Rd 60 E from George J Bean Outbound Pkwy/George J Bean Pkwy 4 min (1.9 mi) Head north 377 ft Use the right lane to take the exit toward Bessie Coleman Blvd 0.2 mi Continue onto Bessie Coleman Blvd 0.1 mi Turn left at Airport Service Rd 0.1 mi Use the right lane to merge onto George J Bean Outbound Pkwy/George J Bean Pkwy 0.5 mi Use the right lane to turn slightly right onto the ramp to I-275 N/Tampa 0.9 mi Take I-4 E and FL-570 E to FL-540 E/Winter Lake Rd in Polk County. Take exit 14 from FL-570 E44 min (46.3 mi)Merge onto State Rd 60 E0.7 mi Use the right 2 lanes to merge onto I-275 N toward I-45.4 mi Use the right lanes to take exit 45B for I-4 E toward Orlando 0.5 mi Continue onto I-4 E25.7 mi Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 27 for FL-570 E toward Lakeland/Winter Haven Toll road 0.4 mi Continue onto FL-570 E Toll road 12.2 mi Take exit 14 for FL-540 E Toll road 1.4 mi Continue on FL-540 E/Winter Lake Rd to your destination in Winter Haven 16 min (8.2 mi) Continue onto FL-540 E/Winter Lake Rd 5.4 mi Turn left onto FL-620 0.5 mi Turn right onto Ave Q SW 0.2 mi Turn left onto N Lake Shipp Dr 0.4 mi Turn left onto 15th St SW 0.4 mi Turn right onto Lake Howard Dr SW 1.1 mi Turn right onto Ave D NW Pass by McDonald’s (on the right)0.2 mi Turn right onto 5th St NW 312 ft Turn right 272 ft Turn right 30 ft To Winter Haven Florida, USA

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Counties in/near Winter Haven:
Polk, Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas, Hernando, Orange, & Osceola

Cities in/near Winter Haven:
Tampa, Lakeland, Clearwater, St Petersburg, Plant City, Brandon, Spring Hill, Riverview, Town n' Country, Largo, Kissimmee, Wesley Chapel, Palm Harbor, Westchase, Pinellas Park, Winter Haven, Dunedin, Carrollwood, East Lake, Haines City, Tarpon Springs, Seminole, Bartow, Trinity, Safety Harbor, Zephyrhills, & Orlando

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Frequently Asked Reverse Osmosis Questions:

What is reverse osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a water purification process that uses a partially permeable membrane to remove unwanted molecules and particles from drinking water.

What does reverse osmosis remove?

Reverse Osmosis removes common chemical contaminants such as:

  • sodium
  • chloride
  • copper
  • chromium
  • lead

Some systems may also reduce:

  • arsenic
  • fluoride
  • radium
  • sulfate
  • calcium
  • magnesium
  • potassium
  • nitrate
  • phosphorous

How much is reverse osmosis system?

A Reverse Osmosis System cost depends on the type of system you’re looking to purchase. Under sink reverse osmosis systems range from $250 to $7,500. Whole house reverse osmosis systems range from $1,000 – $18,000. System costs depend on a number of factors but are most closely tied to the amount of water that needs to be filtered per day.

How to remineralize water after reverse osmosis?

You can remineralize water after reverse osmosis filtering through various methods. Most modern reverse osmosis systems include a remineralization tank that takes care of adding minerals back into your water for you.

How to make reverse osmosis water alkaline?

You can make reverse osmosis water alkaline by adding alkaline minerals and raising the ph of your filtered water.

What is not removed by reverse osmosis?

What is not removed by reverse osmosis may surprise some. While RO filters will reduce a wide range of contaminants from your water, it will not remove some pesticides, solvents, volatile organic chemicals VOCs (like chlorine and radon), dissolved gases (ammonia, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide), and organic contaminants (such as formaldehyde, methanol, acetonitrile, methyl ethyl ketone, etc.).

How much water does reverse osmosis waste?

Reverse osmosis wastes on average about 4 gallons of water per gallon made. If you use 3 gallons a day for drinking, cooking and internal consumption, that means you will waste about 12 gallons, making a reverse osmosis system about 25% efficient. Comparatively, a washing machine and dishwasher use electricity and hot water (which takes energy to heat) and waste every gallon of water they use.

RO Tampa - Reverse Osmosis Water Filters in Winter Haven FL (2024)


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